Peru & the Amazon 20 days / 19 nts Lima, Arequipa, Colca, Puno, Lac Titicaca, IlesUros, Amantani, Cusco, Urubamba, Machu Pichu, Nasca, Paracas and the Amazon. Voyages Cap Evasion invites you to discover Peru. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Inca civilization, to discover Lima, the city of Kings, Aréquipa the white city, Canôn du Colca, one of the deepest lakes in the world, Lake Titicaca, cradle Andean religions, Cusco the ancient Inca capital, fabulous and breathtaking scenery in the Andes mountain range, not to mention the Amazon forest. The price includes : Montreal-Lima return flight, 2 internal flights, tours, 3 * 4 * and 5 * hotels (Peruvian standards), meals as indicated on the itinerary, private bus, French speaking guides, French speaking private guide,dinner show, cruise Lake Titicaca, all tours, entrances to parks, train Machu Pichu, .... Not included : Drinks, Meals not mentioned, Tips, contribution to the FICAV 1 $ / 1000 $



Arrival in Lima.

Welcome by our representative.

Capital of Peru, located on the central and western part of South America, Lima is a city of more than 40 districts and almost 8 million inhabitants, which extends over 40km, offering an architectural and social mosaic very contrasted from one district to another.

Transfer and installation at the hotel. Dinner free.

Overnight at Casa Andina Private Collection 5 *


LIMA: Altitude: 154 m


In the morning visit the city center. Morning devoted to the visit of the historic center where there are some jewels of colonial architecture: the Plaza de Armas. On the north side, on the site of the house of the famous Conquistador Francisco Pizarro, stands the Government Palace (exterior), residence of the twentieth century which takes the purest French Baroque style; you will see the Palace of the Archbishop's Palace, the * Cathedral (interior), the Church of San Francisco (inside), the Town Hall (outside) and the Club de la Unión (outside).

Dinner in the Cafe del Museo restaurant.

Then visit the Larco Museum, which has the most complete collection of pottery and artifacts from pre-Inca and Inca cultures.

Overnight at Casa Andina Private Collection 5 * PD.D.S

* The Cathedral of Lima is closed on Sundays.


LIMA / PARACAS: Distance: 251km / 4h bus


Departure by private transport to Paracas. En route visit * Pachacamac, which is a large clay temple: in pre-Columbian times, it was one of the most important ceremonial centers in America. Along the way we will stop for dinner.

Arrival and installation at the hotel.

Dinner and overnight at the hotel Hacienda Paracas **** or similar. PD.D.S

* Pachacamac is closed on Mondays.

Optional with supplement: Visit of the national reserve of Paracas.




In the morning, boarding for a small cruise to the Ballestas Islands (excursion subject to weather conditions). Offshore, these islands are part of the Paracas Ecological Reserve and are populated by seals, sea lions, sea lions, penguins, cormorants, petrels and other water birds. For years, we have exploited the guano of these islands, an extraordinary natural fertilizer based on bird droppings, which was the main wealth of Peru in the last century. You will see the famous Candelabra carved in the cliff by the ancient Paracas.

Dinner at a local restaurant facing Huacachina.

Optional extra: Buggy in the Ica desert

En route visit the observation tower (viewpoint located on the Pan-American Highway) Arrival and installation. PD.D.S

Overnight at the hotel Casa Andina *** + or similar


NAZCA / AREQUIPA: Distance: Nazca-Arequipa 565km / 9h00 bus Altitude: 2335m


 In the morning: Departure for Arequipa crossing the coastal desert: the harsh and rough landscapes are of a surreal beauty. At the end of the day, arrival in Arequipa "The White City" located on the flanks of the western part of the Andes Cordillera and at the foot of the volcano Misti, beautiful town with houses built in sillar.

Optional with extra flight over Nazca Lines from Nazca

Dinner along the way

Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

Dinner and overnight at the hotel Casa Andina Select **** or similar. PD.D.S




Morning devoted to the walking tour of Arequipa, the route will begin at the Plaza deArmas, the neoclassical La Merced street and the Baroque church of the Company, continuation by San Lázaro, the oldest district where the first Spanish settled. It is built of white stone and paved with black blocks, it has narrow streets, small squares and large houses. It is located in the historical center of Arequipa. We continue the visit by the "Tambos" Inca constructions built along the paths that were used as places of rest, reserves and replenishment to continue the journey. Thanks to the restoration of these historic monuments that continue to be inhabited, we can visit today the Tambos of Bronze, Matadero and Cabezona.Dinner en routeIn the afternoon we will visit the Convent of Santa Catalina, citadel religious who ends up occupying 20,000 square meters. It was built in the seventeenth century, has alleys, austere dwellings, chapels, wonderful paintings and religious ornaments. He stayed away from the world until 1970, when he opened his doors to tourism.

Dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight at Casa Andina Select 4 * or similar. PD.D.S


AREQUIPA / COLCA: Altitude of Colca: 3400m Distance: 160km / 4h bus

Departure for the Colca Valley by taking the Yura-Pampa Cañahua-Alto Sumbay-Vizcachani-Toccra-Patapampa road (4800 m) from where you can observe the volcanic cordillera. Continue to Chivay.
Dinner in a local restaurant
Installation at the hotel.
Visit the thermal baths of La Calera.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel Casa Andina *** or similar. PD.D.S

COLCA / PUNO: Altitude of Puno: 3827m
Early enough, departure for Cruz del Condor Condor Cross to observe the depth of the Cañon and the flight of the condor. Back to Chivay, en route, visit the villages of Pinchollo and Maca where we can see the model-stones and the hanging tombs. Finally, visit the village of Yanque and its beautiful church with the carved facade of the pure Baroque-Métis style characteristic of the region.
Dinner in a local restaurant
Departure to Puno.
Arrive in Puno and check in at the hotel.
Supper. Overnight at Royal Inn Puno **** or similar. PD.D.S

Day sailing on Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world.
The tour starts with the floating islands of Uros on Lake Titicaca, 12 km from Puno, a group of 40 reed islands (the number of which varies depending on whether one is abandoned and others are created) .
Continue to Llachon (1h30) located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, on the Capachica peninsula. Upon arrival, families welcome you to the harbor with "kantuta" flower necklaces and drive you to the houses where you will share the daily tasks of the community and craft activities such as hand weaving, spinning and men, the making of straw ropes. Possibility also to participate in the preparation of the meal.
Dinner based on lake fish, prepared by locals. Back to Puno at the end of the day. Supper.
Night at the hotel. PD.D.S

PUNO / CUSCO Altitude of Cusco: 3360m Distance: 389 km / 8h bus
Early departure to Cusco. The route goes through the magnificent landscapes of the Altiplano and the Andes. Passage of the Raya Pass, the highest point of the trip at 4335m. Beautiful landscapes can be seen, and herds of llamas and vicuñas can be seen. It is also the geographical point of union between two cultures: Aymara and Quechua. We will observe the difference between the Altiplano area much drier and desert, and the Quechua area with many rivers and valleys. We can appreciate beautiful landscapes, and see herds of llamas and vicuñas. It is also the geographical point of union between two cultures: Aymara and Quechua. We will observe the difference between the Altiplano area much drier and desert, and the Quechua area with many rivers and valleys.
Dinner along the way.
En route visit Andahuaylillas: and its church also called "the Sistine Chapel of the Andes" for its decoration. This church is a clear example of religious folk art of the Andes that surprises with its beauty. A veritable jewel of Baroque Métis architecture, the nave is amply decorated and more particularly the ceiling which is covered with gilding. Arrival in Cusco at the end of the afternoon.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel San Augustin Plaza **** or similar. PD.D.S

CUSCO / URUBAMBA: Average altitude 280
Day dedicated to the valley of Urubamba, the Sacred Valley of the Incas. You will start with Awanacancha, to discover the various breeds of South American camelids in their natural habitat (llamas, alpacas, vicuñas) and the process of artisanal manufacture of fabrics (spinning, natural dyeing and weaving of wool).
You will then cross the indigenous village of Pisac, known for its craft market.
The trip continues to Maras, a village of colonial architecture. In the surroundings, you will see the saline terraces (impassable from late November to late March) that are still operated as in the time of the Incas.
Dinner in a local restaurant.
The afternoon continues with the visit of the Inca village Ollantaytambo which is with Cusco, the only Inca city that was occupied during the colonial period to the present day.
Installation at the hotel in the valley.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel Mabey Urubamba *** or similar. PD.D.S
Optional with supplement:
Visit of the fortress of Ollantaytambo

NB: you need to pack a little baggage for the night in Urubamba because the big suitcases have to stay in Cusco.

In the morning, departure on board the famous train of the Andes to Aguas Calientes, the village at the foot of Machu Picchu. It is by bus that you will climb the last kilometers until the mythical Machu Picchu discovered in 1911. This site long forgotten, is the symbol of the Inca civilization and has until now, almost nothing revealed its secrets.
Visit Machu Picchu: the mystery that surrounds this city has made it the symbol of the Inca civilization, exterminated and humiliated, which will retain, probably forever, some of its secrets. The site is a Cyclopean complex of temples, palaces, squares, fountains, dungeons, walls, staircases and a prodigious architecture of terraces clinging to the vertiginous flanks of a real condor's nest, which entered 1911 in the legends of great discoveries thanks to a young American historian, Hiram Bingham. This one, guided by peasants of the country opened a passage until discovering the Lost City which had disappeared from the memory of the men during almost four centuries after the destruction of the Inca Empire by the Spaniards.
Descent and dinner at a restaurant in the village of Aguas Calientes.
Return by train to Ollantaytambo station, then continue by bus to the hotel.
Supper. Overnight at the San Augustin Plaza **** or similar. PD.D.S

Breakfast. In the morning, visit of the city of Cuzco, the navel of the Inca world: The Plaza de Armas of a singular beauty, located on the site of the place Inca Huaykapata, the place of the gods, where sank the Golden stick of Manco Capac, the convent of Santo Domingo, which stands on the site of one of the most beautiful places of the Inca Empire: the Coricancha or Inticancha, the Temple of the Sun, built by the Inca Pachacutec in the 15th century, which still miraculously preserved several buildings that testify to the mastery of Inca architects. The temple contained fabulous wealth that was plundered by Pizarro and his men.
Dinner and Afternoon free.
Dinner in a local restaurant with folklore show
Overnight at the San Augustin Plaza Hotel ****. PD.D.S
Optional with supplement:
Visit the ruins around Cusco: Sacsayhuaman, Cyclopean fortress defending Cusco; Kenko's semicircular amphitheater with twenty or so places or remains of niches and its semi-natural underground temple carved in a narrow gorge; Puca- Pucara, Inca military construction consisting of terraces and stairs and rough stone landscapes; Tambomachay, the baths of the Inca.

(Private service with French-speaking guide).

Breakfast. Free day Free dinner
Dinner at a local restaurant
Night at the hotel. PD.S

Transfer to the airport and departure to Puerto Maldonado.
Arrival and departure by boat to the Hacienda Conception Lodge ****.
Having dinner.
In the afternoon, walk in the forest (Trocha) to discover a large amount of medicinal plants, tropical trees, insects, butterflies. As the sun goes down, take a canoe ride on the "RIO DE NOCHE" excursion. Navigating the Rio Madre de Dios you will know its ecosystem, flow of the Amazon, the behavior of our wildlife during the night, and the constellations of the south.
Back to the lodge Hacienda Conception ****
Dinner and night. PD.D.S

NB: arrange separate baggage for nights at the lodge, large suitcases will stay at the lodge office in Puerto Maldonado.


New sensations await you, after having a good breakfast buffet, get ready for a long walk in the National Reserve of Tambopata to Lake Sandoval. Here, you will understand why the city of Madre de Dios is known worldwide as the capital of biodiversity to You will know the conservation work of this reserve and learn more about the formation of this lake, traveling along this mirror of water , home of the endangered giant otter, the Guacamayo (blue parrot) and yellow (Ara ararauna), the howler monkey (Alouattaseniculus), the black caiman (Melanosuchusniger), and one of the largest freshwater fishes in the world , the paiche (Arapaima gigas). Back to the lodge for dinner. In the afternoon enjoy the experience of the INKATERRA CANOPY WALKWAY & ANACONDA WALK, a 20-minute ride in an outboard motorboat that will take you to the interpretation center of Inkaterra Canopy where you will learn more about the projects of the ITA-Inkaterra Association (NGO). Climb one of the two 30-meter (98-foot) towers and cross the 7 suspension bridges that connect the tree tops at 28 meters (91 feet). Enjoy majestic views to observe the red-billed toucan (Ramphastostucanus), hummingbirds , trogons, sairmis (Saimiriboliviensis) and three sluggish fingers (Choleopushoffmani). While descending continue to live the experience of the primitive forest crossing for 30 minutes the 200 meters of bridge made of wood that crosses the "aguajales".

Back to Hacienda Conception Lodge ****, dinner. PD.D.S

NB: The excursions in the Amazon are specific to each lodge. If the confirmed lodge is different from this one, we will send you the pgm of the excursions. They are, in general, substantially similar.



Breakfast.Transfer to the airport and departure to Lima.

Arrival and installation at the hotel. Free lunch

Dinner in a local restaurant overlooking the sea. Overnight at Casa Andina Private Collection ***** or similar



 Day free andmeal at leisure

Night at Casa Andina Private Collection 5 *****



 Breakfast and transfer to the airport according to schedule.


This price includes :

Transfers and excursions according to program,

Private tours with French speaking guide

Lima / Paracas / Nazca / Arequipa - Arequipa / Colca / Puno - Puno / Cusco in private transport

Comfort and air-conditioned bus

All meals mentioned

Entries for the mentioned visits (including the Machu Picchu site 59 U $ D to date subject to change)

Excursion to Lake Titicaca by boat

Tickets for the class train Expedition Ollanta / Machu Picchu / Ollanta

Flights Cusco-Puerto Maldonado and Puerto Maldonado-Lima

Accommodation in mentioned or similar hotels subject to availability at the time of booking,

Program Hacienda Concepcion (Puerto Maldonado) in room habitación AMAZONIA

French speaking guide Lima / Lima

Assistance from our local branches throughout the tour (Lima, Arequipa, Puno and Cusco) P

Baggage handling at hotels and airports


This price does not include:

Drinks, tips, insurance,

Meals not mentioned

All personal expenses.



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