A trip to Egypt will be the trip of your dreams! Come and see Egypt from the most north (Alexandria) to the southernmost (Abu Simbel), in its history through the walls of its great temples, its pyramids and its inhabitants all along while cruising the Nile in a traditional sail boat. It is a trip that has been personally prepared with great care and will guarantee memories that will last a lifetime.

EGYPT PROGRAM February 11 to 25, 2019

Day 1
Departure from Montreal, by RJ, flight 268 at 21:40.
D, B.

Day 2
Arrival in Amman at 15:00. Departure from Amman, flight 505, at 16:40. Arrival in Cairo at 18:10.
Check-in at Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel. Dinner and overnight in Cairo. D

Day 3
Visit the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the solar boat at Giza. Visit the pyramids of Saqqara and Dahshur.
Dinner at the Palm Club. Dinner with Local Egyptians accompanied by Rosie, time to be confirmed.

Day 4
Visit the Cairo Museum and the treasure of Tutankhamun. Visit the Mummy Room ($).
Visit of the citadel of Saladin and Mosque of Mohamed Ali. Dinner and dinner. Night in Cairo.
B, L, D

Day 5
Excursion to the oasis of Fayoum 2 hours south of Cairo. Successful agricultural region of Egypt. Prehistoric discovery.
Visit the temple of Qaroun. archaeological excavations of Karanis. Pyramid of Meïdoum.
Return from Fayoum directly to Giza Station. Overnight in the sleeper train for Luxor. B, L, D

Day 6
Arrival in Luxor around 6am. Visit of a school (Rosie takes care of it) where Coptes and Muslims rub shoulders
problem. We embark in the dahabeya, this small boat with 2 sails that the Pharaohs used to go from one
point to another on the Nile. In the afternoon, visit the temples of Luxor and Karnak. Sound & Light ($) or souk. Night on board on the west bank of the Nile. B, L, D

Day 7
Visit the Valley of the Kings (3 tombs included). There will be other tombs that will be visited for a fee,
among others, that of Tutankhamen ($). Visit of the Valley of the Queens among others the temple of Hatshepsut.
Return and dine in the dahabeya heading towards the Esna lock. Night next to an island. Night on board.
B, L, D

Day 8
Crossing the Esna Lock (to your cameras everyone because you will see an unusual show from the sellers of
tablecloths, dresses, shawls, djellabas and all kinds of Egyptian souvenirs, them, their little boats and you,
in your dahabeya). Arrival at Edfou, departure by horse-drawn carriage to the temple of Horus one of the best preserved which has
still his roof. Return to the dahabeya, dinner and head to the island of Ramady. Dinner near this island and observation of
stars, if you can. Night on board. B, L, D.

Day 9
Navigation to Gebel El Silsila, unique feature dahabeyas, visit this small village Pharaoh.
Direction Kom Ombo, visit the temple of Sobék and Haroéris, temple that will reveal some secrets of the Pharaohs
(obstetrics, algebra, calendar, subhuman war, etc.). Take the time to visit the small museum of crocodiles
embalmed. Dinner near an island (El Sheikh Fadl) and dinner outdoors on the island of another island. Navigation to Aswan.
Night on board.
B, L, D.

Day 10
Departure from Aswan early in the morning (4 hours) to go to Abu Simbel to see the 2 beautiful temples of Ramses II (saved from the waters by
Unesco in 1964) and the temple of his royal wife, Nefertari. You will see the magnificence of the "pharaonic" work!
Return to Aswan (4 hours). In the afternoon, a felucca ride (other sailing boats driven by
Nubians, faithful people of the Pharaohs). Birdwatching of the Nile with an ornithologist. Free time or souk. Night on board.
B, L, D.

Day 11
Check-out of the dahabeya. In Aswan, visit of Aswan High Dam, Philae Temple and Unfinished Obelisk
before going to Aswan airport to Cairo. Trip from Cairo to Alexandria and visit on the way to a monastery
Medieval at Wadi Natrun. Check-in at the Hilton Corniche hotel. Fish and seafood meal at Kadoura * ($). Night in Alexandria. Breakfast only.

Day 12
Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great, is the pearl of the Mediterranean. Visit the catacombs, the column of Pompeii.
Dinner at a typical Egyptian restaurant. Dinner at another restaurant of seafood and fish by the kilo "Fish Market" or other.
Overnight in Alexandria, Breakfast only.

Day 13
Check-out of the hotel. Departure for Cairo. Before leaving Alexandria, visit the Museum of Jewelry and the Greco-Roman Museum.
Check-in at Sonesta Hotel & Heliopolis Casino. Night in Cairo.
B, D.

Day 14
In Cairo, visit the Islamic quarter, moucharabiéhs, the mosque of Sultan Hassan and the mosque of el Refaii. Walk
walk to Mo'ez el Hakim street, Beit el Sehimy. Shopping in Khan El Khalil.

Day 15
Departure at 7am, RJ flight 508. Arrival in Amman at 8:15. Departure from Ammam, flight 267 at 9:35. Arrival in Montreal at 14:30.
B, L, D.

* Choice of other options than only fish and seafood.

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